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Ask 3 Questions

Welcome! I'm Laura Nathanson, an IT consulting leader with 24 years of experience across 19 industries.

Ask 3 Questions to empower successful business transformations, with technology as an enabler. 

I'm excited to partner with you to make the changes you need to get, and stay, competitive in our volatile world.​​​



Here are the 3 questions I ask to empower your transformational success.

Question 1
What's the problem
to solve?

Complex problems are typically large scale and difficult to solve. If we 
don't define an actionable slice of a complex problem first, understanding both the Pain Point and the Root Cause, we run the risk of solving the wrong problem.


A problem/solution mismatch is one reason why 70-95% of digital transformations fail.

What's the outcome
to achieve?

Once the problem is defined and agreed to by all stakeholders, the solution to the problem is co-created. The solution definition includes Actions to be taken, and a Motive for those Actions.


The benefit of this approach is that if the problem definition is precise, it will lead directly to the solution, mitigating the risk of failure due to a solution/problem mismatch.

What does good
look like?

The final step is to plan and execute on the solution, including an Incremental Roadmap, Tightly Linked Success Metrics and Change Enablement. 

One important piece of setting the implementation up for success and continuous improvement is to make sure the success metrics are tightly linked to both the problem and the solution.


I partner with your team and organization to answer the questions, using methods and tools that meet your unique needs.

Problem Definition

Design Thinking Workshops

Persona Definition

Market Research

Customer Journey Mapping

Requirements Definition

Root Cause Analysis

Business Process Mapping

Accountability Analysis

1:1 Interviews


Technical Assessments

Needs Assessments

Executive Readouts

Solution Definition

Solutioning Workshops

1:1 Interviews

Requirements Analysis

Solution Architecture

Information Architecture

UX Design
Complexity/Value Analysis

Operating Models

Organizational Design

Process Optimizations

IT and Product Strategy

Sales Strategy

Business Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Executive Readouts

Solution Delivery


Program Management

Product Management

Project Management

Agile/SAFe/Scrum Delivery

Success Metrics Definition 

Change Management

Communications Management

Customized Training

Metrics Tracking and Evaluation

Continuous Improvement

Executive Readouts

Purple Tube

Success Stories

My 3-question approach has helped clients and colleagues, across industries and functional roles, to successfully solve complex problems at scale.

Team Meeting

Decreased Attrition
to 0%

Role: Talent Manager

Industry: Consulting (Mid-size)

Analyzed and solved root cause of high attrition, leading the company to decrease attrition to 0% within 18 months 

Car Showroom

Decreased Software Defects by 190%

Role: Business Analyst

Industry: Automotive Retail (Large)

Analyzed and solved the root cause of excessive defects in customer website (2 per test script) and led team to decrease them by 190%
in 4 months

Signing a Contract

Reduced Regulatory Compliance Risk

Role: Enterprise Architect

Industry: Health Insurance (Large)

Analyzed and solved root cause of 3 bottlenecked regulatory processes, leading team to develop solutions that reduced compliance risk

Modern Business Building

Increased Intranet Adoption by 1400%

Role: Change Manager

Industry: Engineering (Large)

Analyzed and solved the root cause of lack of Intranet adoption and increased unique users by 1400% in 1 year

Television Studio

Slashed Acquisition Steps by 75%

Role: Product Manager

Industry: Entertainment (Global)

Led the analysis and solution for the root cause of poor digital customer acquisition and led team to slash acquisition steps
by 75% in 3 months

Gasoline Pumps

Improved Team Effectiveness by 40%

Role: Program Manager

Industry: Oil & Gas (Global)

Analyzed and solved the root cause of software development delays and led team to improve effectiveness
by 40% in 6 months



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"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Laura over the years and watch her unleash her superpowers for developing people, leading people to achieve objectives with her people-centric values, and driving value for her clients and our organization with fearless authenticity.

Her knowledge, experience, and approach to unlocking business value is an asset anywhere she goes." 

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Let's Work Together

Reach out today to learn more about how I can empower your organization's transformational success.

Laura Nathanson

Ask 3 Questions, Inc.

Santa Rosa, California


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What is Ask 3 Questions?

Ask 3 Questions is an IT consulting firm owned by me, Laura Nathanson. I'm a leader with 24 years in the industry who has worked with Accenture, Avanade and Pariveda. 

I specialize in solving complex business problems around people, processes and technology. My unique approach, Ask 3 Questions, provides the basis for empowering organizations to design, plan, and deliver successful digital and business transformation solutions.

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